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We believe in Africa

All over Africa there are entrepreneurs creating exciting, successful businesses. They’re in cities, towns and villages throughout the continent, and they’re Africa’s future.

The Pharo Foundation works with the most marginal communities in Africa, helping them to develop the resources they need to take part in Africa’s growth. We’re creative and we’re willing to take risks. For example: how do you bring education to the nomadic people of Somalia? With the Africa Education Trust we’re delivering literacy, numeracy and basic education to communities where less than a third of children are enrolled in primary school, and almost none in secondary school.

Or take rural Ofla in Ethiopia, where women have limited opportunities but are expected to provide for their families: with ActionAid, we’ve set up savings and credit co-operatives to get them started in business.

The people we work with are building sustainable livelihoods and they are the future… read more about what we do